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liver transplant thailandWe are glad to offer organs transplant at the excellent hospitals in Thailand. The organs that can be transplanted are:

All the transplantation in Thailand is under-controlled of the Thai Transplant Society, Thai Redcross and the Thai Law which DO NOT ALLOW any commercial transplantation. The donor, who share the same blood group with the patient, has to be the patient’s family which includes spouse, children, parents, and the first degree relative who has a legal

document confirms the relationship from the embassy.

The recipient, whose age must not be over 65, and donor have to pass the HLA test. More exam will be run on both recipient and donor to confirm that they are clean and fit to undergo the surgery. The recipient has to pass the psychological and psychiatric evaluation and if he/she has the specific medical conditions, those diseases must be brought under control prior to the transplantation. The evaluation will take about 10-14 days.





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